What is the best time to perform what we want to do

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Seeker:  What is the best time to perform what we want to do


Karthik poovanam:
The time to perform what you want is NOW

Today is a day of immense possibility
You are alive isn’t that a sufficient reason to go out and deliver. As you are reading this there are so many people who have lost  their lives. So many have lost their loved ones. Some have lost someone who is extremely dear to their heart. If any of the above has not happened to you, then you are in a fantastic day. Appreciate the day.

Why are you in a waiting mode to perform. What ever you wish to do the time is NOW.

It’s a tremendous insult if you still wish to keep what you wish to do in a waiting mode. Start it NOW, do it today.

Life is a treasure of possibilities for any person who has transformed to an individual. The moment you have decided to function in this moment you have transformed from a person to an individual.

Your life is immensely transformed for a fantastic possibility

Go ahead and do what you want. The moment is NOW, In fact the best moment is NOW. Love it totally and drink life at its fullest level.

You will be charged tremendously at a gigantic pace. There will be an under current that will drive you to perform what ever you wish in this moment. Feel it and go ahead.

The best moment to perform is NOW.

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