In conversation with Karthik Poovanam

Greetings everyone. I have marked my video series and as promised  to bring forward the revealing aspects of human performance, an initiative move has been taken where I could share some crucial aspects of performing at your best along with one of the legends in the field of education, eminent scientist Dr.Lalji singh. He is one of the most wonderful and energetic persons I had met in my journey in this planet. His charisma has always been ever revealing subtle things that created this very move. I am able to share some wonderful insights through this video series where our professors and teachers can function at their best level making the country a  tremendous possibility of growth.

Eminent scientist Dr.Lalji singh is a padmashri and was the vice chance chancellor of one of the top universities in India BHU. He also was the the director of CCMB ( center for cellular and molecular biology) and now the director for Genome foundation.

This talk features Peak performance coach Karthik Poovanam and Dr. lalji singh where the significance of working without jealously, what you have to do to function at your best as a professor is revealed. I wish Dr.Lalji singh more bright and joyful years ahead and also all those a productive outcome.