Train the trainer-Will you get help in kaliyuga

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IMG_1175Seeker: People say this is Kaliyuga and you will not get any help. I heard a swamiyar saying that even if you step into a thorn the very person who is next to you will not come to your rescue. Do you also agree its true.

Karthik Poovanam: We had a trip the last month to goa. When we went to the kerim beach our car got stuck in the muddy sand. We were only three of us. There were immediately a few people who came and were just watching us struggle to get the car out. Then you might have seen me going and speaking about the concern to the shack people where we spent our night. Within 30 mts the owner came and also encouraged another 6 people to join him. Now we all did our level best to get the car out but still did not succeed.

Now after a few more minutes of effort the owner of the shack concluded that he will need more manpower to pull the car out and that will involve an expense of 3000 Rs.

You know that we also agreed for this however we had a condition that they must turn the engine on and must push the car out for which they refused. We had no intentions to test their muscle power, we did it only because we did not want burn the car tyres as they were getting burned out in the repeated trails to bring the car out of the sand.

Almost after 15 mts after making the offer everyone left for their work and we were again back to 3 people, isn’t it. We were making our calls to the toeing services as we were no against spending money   to remove the car, our concern was that the tyres were getting burned, so we wanted to pull the car without starting the car. Within half an hour a batch of people came. We realized they were from the film industry and had come for a shooting. Despite their busy schedule they helped us take the car out. Almost more than 20 people were involved in helping us bring our car out.

Now if you see this is a real incident and you were very much a part of the witnessing. All this help has come in the kaliyuga only. There were some people who just stood watching without attending. Then we had help but they needed more manpower and that required money. Then we had people from the film industry who helped us. You know that movie industry works on a specific schedule and they have a time frame. I am sure they did not expect to spend time in helping us remove our car. Despite that they did their best and helped us get our car from the sand.

It really doesn’t matter which yuga you are living in. All that matters is how you are within and what kind of people you are surrounded with at any give point in time. It doesn’t matter even if it’s a golden period, if you are surrounded by rakhsashas ( people with utmost evil intentions) then you will never get any aid nor can you live a life that is free of suffering. So, its time that instead of blaming the yuga and the timeframe we start looking at ourselves and live a life that is worth. Lets first have a helping attitude to the one who needs. What best can be done by us must be done rest will any way find momentum. Lets understand the immensity of being human. The moment I understood the immensity of being human I knew this is a perfect timeframe and there is nothing wrong in this yuga.

Karthik Poovanam is a peak performance coach and author. He also delivers the train the trainer and life coaching in a grand way.He delivers tools that helps individuals function at their best levels. One of his offering is HOW TO FUNCTION BEST AT YOUR WORKPLACE available for immediate download