Train the trainer courses-I don’t know Why do I get upset when someone says something

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That’s a very nice thing you have asked. When i conduct the life coaching or the train the trainer training many people often ask me this question. You have blended why with I don’t know. Many people who ask this question have already made a conclusive reason as to why they get upset and now they want to ask. If your reply supports their conclusion then they will want to hear more else there will be a shear dislike.

So now what I am going to tell will not be a support system to what conclusions you have made despite the fact that you admit that you do not know as to why you get upset when people say something.

Firstly what you must know is, you don’t get upset when someone says something, you get upset only when someone says anything that makes you feel bad. In other words anything that you disagree with and it’s projected to you, invariably your mind gets upset. I spoke so many things did you get upset? No right, this is simply because so far there is no disagreement.

So what’s the solution? It’s very simple. Invest your time on knowing things. It’s as simple as that. You never get upset if I tell you that you have 15 fingers on your hand, have you ever thought why? This is because you relate with experience that you know. You don’t even feel a little upset because you know how many figures you have and you are in terms with it. Suppose you have only three fingers and someone says how awkward it is to see the three figures that you have then you will get again immediately disappointed.

That’s why I have I said earlier that you have to come in terms with what you know. If there is anything that you can do with what you know and you are not happy or comfortable about it you must do.

Everyone can do only what they can do, isn’t so?  But the problem is many people don’t take care and attention to do what they can do and that’s the major reason why they land in a state where their mind is upset.

So get up and do what you can do to remain comfortable and become free of mind upset.

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