Train the trainer a must know reality

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Do you know about the potential power and the possibilities of attending the train the trainer workshops or events. If you are somebody who wishes to attend any train the trainer workshop or event then there are creation things that you must know so that you can take minimum advantage of the training in an immense way. When we say train the trainer its very natural that you are interested in being a trainer and this very training is offered to you in order to become a trainer. Lets explore what you must know before attending any train the trainer workshops or events of the same kind:

  1. Knowing the core requirements of yourself you will now be able to take the highest form of advantage by attending any train the trainer workshops or sessions.
  2. If you are looking to deliver bulk training sessions or group workshops then see wether you area able to find photos of the trainer delving group sessions. Its very natural that only the one who knows how to drive the car will be able to train you how to drive the car and similarly if your intention is to deliver bulk sessions or group training workshops then you must get trained from someone who conducts and has the experience of doing groups workshops.
  3. As a trainer there are great rewards like name, fame , respect,joy,travel,opportunity to make a quality difference in a persons life and of course the one which you have been waiting to hear money. Now you must observe what falls into your priority list. Take a moment and figure it out what would you prioritize among the following
  • name
  • fame
  • travel
  • money
  • respect
  • joy
  • opportunity to  make a quality difference in a persons life

Suppose in your priority list there is money that is the tops the chart then i suggest you immediately look for alternative profession. Not that there is any dearth of  money making possibilities. There are trainers who make more than 5 lakhs to even 1 cr rupees every event in group training and group sessions but if you observe whats common thought process that all these trainers carry is to give a great quality service. They all prioritize the opportunity to make a quality difference in peoples life rather than money, fame and all those other things stated. This is exactly what I have realized and implemented and have found remarkable growth in my training sessions very largely. So all those of you who are trainers and those who wish to be trainers, have a thought process of creating a quality difference in a persons life so that the rest of the factors life name, fame, money and all those wonderful things will follow.