The reward GOD has created for every person on this planet

The reward GOD has created for every person on this planet

God has created a reward that represents equality, certainty, cannot be corrupted. The name of this reward that is given to every human being and creature in this planet is called death. 

No matter what you do or how you live, still death will still accept you. You never be denied death. Death does not need any qualifications, inshore here everyone truly becomes equal. 

Be it a man who has earned billions or women who has earned billions, fame or a beggar, they are all in the same plane as far death is concerned.

GOD is revealed when you unravel the mystery of death. The moment you know the TRUTH of death, you realize the GOD. It’s a direct expense of the eternal TRUTH. 

The TRUTH Buddha wanted to say, the TRUTH Jesus wanted to say, the TRUTH Krishna wanted to say, they all failed miserably because nobody can reveal TRUTH to you, only you can. 

It is that privilege that nobody can take it away from you, but you never give any attention to the TRUTH. 

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