Stop the Phycological Blow

Stop the Phycological Blow

It’s high time that you stop the phycological blow that you are giving yourself everyday. Ask yourself when was the last time you truly laughed. When did you really enjoy your own company. What determines then state of your wellbeing?

When you are giving more importance to the economy than a joyful state, it’s a direct assault on your wellbeing. Now the tragedy is, you are extending it on your children.

Today even before the child learns how to talk, there is conditioning on what the child has to become. Once the child learns how to talk and is taken for a function, all the guests are busy asking the child what he or she wants to become. It’s shocking that nobody cares about how the child is feeling. Nobody wants to ask the child is he or she happy.

Let me tell you this is the phycological blow you are extending to the future generation. Many of you are unknwoingly stealing the joy from the future generation. It’s high time you end this and not prose stupid concepts and ambitions that have frankly ruined your joyful state.

First, let there be emphasis on joy and then let the child decide what he or she wants to do with their life.

Allow the intelligence to flower.

It’s time we as humanity make this happen else we will see a world that is totally robbed on inner joy. Allow the future generation to function out of joy.

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