Unleash The True Potential Of A Professor

The session by Mr. Karthik Poovanam was very useful and was carried in an experiential manner that invokes the possibility to remain vibrant within…Prof V.S.RAO, Director, BITS PILANI HYD

I have seen a lot of trainers and coaches. Mr. Karthik Poovanam is certainly one individual whose coaching has a transformative possibility contained in it. In the growing age of competition and challenges, where mind plays a very important role, his strategies can help one align the thoughts and channel them for ones growth. I wish Karthik Poovanam more and more sessions ahead….Dr.Lalji Singh,(ex)Vice chancellor,Banaras Hindu University,Varanasi and (ex) Director, CCMB

Mr. Karthik Poovanam has successfully conducted his session Unleash The True Potential Of A Professor to our professors. I wish Karthik Poovanam a very successful journey ahead in his future endeveors…Dr.Channakeshava Rao,Principal,CBIT





A professor is a doorway to professionalism. The very way a professor involves him or her-self in what he delivers largely affects the wellbeing of the students in significant ways. When a professor is playing such an important role in determining the lives of many students its extremely important that he functions without conflicts and handles situations more effectively.

Shift in the conscious sates of mind is a process that uses eight techniques that are delivered in an experiential manner.

There are 8 techniques that we will be using here:

  • Internal conflict resolution technique
  • Phobia dissolution
  • Clarity enhancement
  • Bridge technique
  • Energy enhancement
  • Inner Image restructuring
  • Inner reflections
  • Internal alignment and balancing
  • Energy channeling


 Let us now explore as to in how many areas these techniques can be applied

Technique Area of impact
Internal conflict resolution Conflicts, Decision making,Communication,Emotions,Relationship with your work
Phobia dissolution Fear of any nature, child hood traumas, unwanted worries, professional work
Clarity enhancement Decision making, enhancing the levels of perception, relationships, professional work
Bridge technique Establishing rapport, subtle communications,Relationships, professional works
Inner image restructuring Workplace, work deliverance in a unique manner, Inclusive work approach
Inner reflections Workplace, family situations, tough situations, deliverance
Internal alignment and balancing Work deliverance emotional equation,


The outcome of the session will be extremely supporting in terms of:

  1. Resolving Work deliverance
  2. Any kind of conflicts
  3. Ability to maintain vibrant relationships both at home and professionals.
  4. Pleasant extended periods of emotional states
  5. Enhanced mental clarity levels
  6. Inclusive nature
  7. Ability to retain the energy states throughout the workplace.
  1. Increased productivity levels.
  2. Rapport with the subject and the students


The total duration of the session will be 2 days

6 hours each day

Profile of the coach:

Karthik poovanam is a peak performance coach and author.

He has authored 33 E-books which brings about creating well being both at emotional and mental levels.

He is the creator of the process called SHIFT IN THE CONSCIOUS STATES OF MIND. This process has been well accepted in the top engineering colleges like





CBIT HYDERABAD and many to name. It has been attend by thousands of students.

His program called UNLEASH THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF A TEACHER has found good acceptance in the International schools.

His program called UNLEASH THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF A PROFESSOR has been appretiated in the colleges in India.

People from all walks of life have been a part of the session SHIFT IN THE CONSCIOUS STATES OF MIND that include institutional heads, organizational heads, CEO of companies, IPS officers, students, engineers, doctors and cooperate employees.

Session to IPS officers at AP Police Academy


Karthik poovanam delivers an open house event

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Karthik poovanam at IIT HYDERABAD


Karthik poovanam in a session


Karthik poovanam with professors of BITS PILANI hyderabad

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