How to make all the aspects happen at their best in life

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Seeker: How to make all the aspects happen at their best in life

Karthik poovanam:
Live with clarity, rest of the aspects will happen at their best.

Every moment of your life can be lived with clarity. The whole question is are you willing and genuinely interested. Once you become willing and interested there is phenomenal possibility of you acquiring the necessary skills to live a life of absolute clarity.

Living a life of absolute clarity gives you the ability to determine what kind of inner situation you want to create and execute it successfully.

You must realise that what you call as your outer world is largely manifested by what kind of inner situations and thoughts you are creating.

You might have heard this many times that your outside is simply a reflection of your interiority. When this is so why’s it so difficult to plant the right inner situation so that the a outside is perfect.

The simply does not happen as a large part of what you all as yourself is stitched  from within and the conditioning is done from outside. Social conditioning does play a very significant role in deterring what kind of situation are getting stitched from within.

The kind of family you live in also plays a significant role in the very way in which your inner is designed.

If you look into inner space. You will be surprised and utterly shocked to see that so much has been conditioned by the society and family.

There is no room of any personal expression that you can feel rejoiced of that’s according to your will. In every action you take and do you will realise that there is a deep rooted acceptance that is needed from the society or family.

This is by far the highest form of slavery. You must awaken to this reality NOW and become free once and for all.

One you become aware of this reality that’s happening to you within you will very naturally find ways in which you can start functioning with clarity. Clarity is a tool that is highly appreciating in its own way.

One of the techniques that I apply called Clarity enhancement is a great support in that direction for all those who wish to function with absolute clarity.

Clarity enhancement creates a complete space within that belongs to you and is largely governed by joy.
You will know how to peel the layers of the unconscious conditioning that is working from within and make an expression of total clarity that will mark a potential possibility of growth in significant ways.

A time to live with clarity it’s NOW

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