Life Skills Coach

There  is an huge demand for quality coaches. Life skills coach is a possibility to empower your self as a skilled coach. By being skilled you become very relevant in the growing industry of coaching.

This coaching is very experiential in nature and here you will have an opportunity to learn the skills from non other thank Karthik Poovanam himself. You will have the unique possibility to know the most effective Techniques to became a Life skills coach.

The 8 techniques are:

  • Internal conflict resolution technique
  • Phobia dissolution
  • Clarity Enhancement
  • Inner Image restructuring
  • Inner reflections
  • Bridge Technique
  • Internal alignement and balancing
  • Energy Enhancement

Heres what you will learn in the 5 days coaching:

  • Instant rapport building with large audience
  • Able to help people break their limitations
  • The power talk
  • Transformative skill application
  • The essential ice breaking mistakes
  • Making massive action steps towards success
  • How you can work with clients
  • Knowing the questions that will invoke YES factor
  • Remove any kind of internal conflicts
  • Remove any kind of fear (depending on the depth of the issue)
  • Helping your clients know the root cause of problems
  • How to help anyone establish enhanced communication skills
  • Techniques to help people make better decisions
  • Techniques to solve relationship issues
  • Instant methods to enter pleasant states of mind
  • Channel energy at will
  • Know the essential techniques through which a certain goal can be established
  • Invoke positive vibes within
  • Anchoring joyful states

Profile of the coach:

Karthik poovanam is a peak performance coach and author.

He has authored 33 E-books which brings about creating well being both at emotional and mental levels.

He is the creator of the process called SHIFT IN THE CONSCIOUS STATES OF MIND. This process has been well accepted in the top engineering colleges like





CBIT HYDERABAD and many to name. It has been attend by thousands of students.

His program called UNLEASH THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF A TEACHER has found good acceptance in the International schools.

His program called UNLEASH THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF A PROFESSOR has been appretiated in the colleges in India.

People from all walks of life have been a part of the session SHIFT IN THE CONSCIOUS STATES OF MIND that include institutional heads, organizational heads, CEO of companies, IPS officers, students, engineers, doctors and cooperate employees.

Session to IPS officers at AP Police Academy


Karthik poovanam delivers an open house event

kailash 093

Karthik poovanam at IIT HYDERABAD


Karthik poovanam in a session


Karthik poovanam with professors of BITS PILANI hyderabad





Few Books by Karthik Poovanam are available in international forums like amazon,I-book store,Kobo and many more international and national online stores.

The coaching is carried in a very experiential manner for 5 days, 5 hours each day. It will be in beach resort in Goa called RIVA BEACH RESORT. 

This includes

Your stay for the entire 5 days in the beach resort

Breakfast,lunch and dinner purely vegetarian diet to be maintained during the coaching

Website and marketing strategy to execute coaching

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To become a LIFE SKILLS COACH call now at  +91-9573825340

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You can also connect on Skype : karthik.poovanam