Know the 11 ways to destress yourself

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Know the 11 ways to destress yourself

This is a very effective audio session that will help you destress yourself. In this audio session you will be introduced to the 11 ways through which you can put an end to the factor called stress in your life. Use your head sets and listen to the guided audio session to maximise the results.

What is the benefit of using this audio:

  • Freedom from stress
  • Gain more peace of mind
  • Possibility of vibrant health

Stress does not happen to you because of the nature of your work it is an expression of you not in a position to manage the inner images and sounds within….karthik poovanam

This experiential audio session is valuable for a total value of $25. Those who wish to remove stress from their life can have instant access by clicking on  the button below.




For those who stay in India can click on the below button and get instant download.