How to realise your true potential

How to realise your true potential

The day I stopped comparing myself with others I realised my true potential. I become once and for all free from the miserable trap of the society

You will never know your true calobef until you learn how to free yourself from comparion. Just by reading a quote that you are unique is not going to save you from this trap.

It needs work and when I say work a deep and intense work at the level of

karmic memory
conscious memory
Unconscious memory
Gentic memory
Evolutionary memory

At all these layers when deep and intense  work happens to create freedom from the compulsive comparitaive urge, you will become free from the misery that arises from this.

You will truly know what it means to be yourself only when you are no longer under the influence of the social trap.

It’s time you make this happen in your life.

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