I get disturbed when somebody comments on me in a wrong way

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Seeker: I get disturbed when somebody comments on me in a wrong way.

Karthik poovanam :
This essentially is happening to you,
only because you have lived a very large part of your life according to other people’s opinions.

When they said you are good if you do these activities you did those and felt you were good because others told so. When ever you did something  and somebody told you that these things are bad then you restrained from doing those things because you don’t want to be labeled bad.

If you simply observe your life you will see that you have largely lived a life according to others and never yourself. You have nothing within that belongs to you, everything is highly conditioned by others opinions.

You have lost your self long back in a very systematic way and this disturbance that you are facing is a consequence of the whole process that’s happening to you from within. Your inferiority is absolutely filled with other people opinion.

There is no individuality present in you.

Where ever there is no individuality present there is bound to be a hijack of inner peace.

Now the good thing in you is that at least you are able to see and be honest enough  to admit that you are getting disturbed when others comment on you in a wrong way.

Now when we are living in a society there is going to be a certain influence of what is right and what is wrong on the basis of moral grounds and that’s perfectly fine, but now your inner space need not be subjected to this code of conduct.

Within you drop the whole idea of what is right and what is wrong. Instead look at it as to what is more appropriate and what is not appropriate at that given moment.

You inner state getting disturbed is absolutely not necessary when somebody says or comments anything.

You are very much capable of experiencing this state right from this moment. Fill your inner space with what gives you joy personally.

There will be a tickle that you will experience when you do certain thing and think in a certain way. Identify NOW what they are and go ahead and do that.

You will realize that you have suddenly escaped the deep rooted conditioning of the society that has worked significantly to disturb your inner peace.

From this moment you are free and your freedom is not going to be under the mercy of any persons or societies opinions. You will start performing at your best levels as there is an enormous sense of freedom that you carry now along within yourself.

NOW you are a living being who is not under the influence of anybody’s or somebody’s opinion and therefore you are no longer subjected  to any kind of disturbance.

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