This set of powerful videos are exclusively for those who want to 

  • Be at their best levels while giving the interview for a job.
  • Be motivated while in the classroom
  • Be in a state of confidence while giving exams.

What do you get in these videos:

  • All the videos are around 35 seconds to 1 minute
  • They are recorded in very serene atmospheres that give you a very pleasant experience.
  • The videos are recorded using powerful word engineering as words have a great impact on your subconscious mind.
  • You will feel the shift happening within in a positive way.
  • You can reach achieve your goals when the right dialgoues happen within you,

You must watch the The EXPERIENTIAL Internal dialogue SESSIONS in 3 days:

  • 3 DAYS
  • 3 SESSIONS EACH DAY ( total 9 sessions in 3 days)
  • 15 videos per session
  • total of 45 videos per day ( two videos have been repeated as they have a certain impact which differs from person to person)
  • 135 videos in 3 days
  • For optimum results dedicate 3 days in a month for an entire year and watch these very powerful and effective videos.

Session in detail:

Enhance the quality of your life Day 1|session 1|15 videos|

How to experience silence

Decide to make your life beautiful

Don’t mislead yourself into accidental situations

Have time to listen to yourself

It’s time to start living your life with absolute awareness

Meditation is a consequence of losing yourself

Growth is a consequence of assimilated thought process

You must know this to awaken the purpose of your life

What can you do when you are not feeling good

What motivates you to do what you are doing

What motivates you to take action

Turbo charge your energy levels

What determines what’s happening in your life

What maters is doing what you love

What is the account balance of your joy

Enhance the quality of your life Day 1|session 2|15 videos|

What is the account balance of your blessings

Who is a true spiritual guru

The highest forms of any connectivity is self connectivity

Connect to the authentic self

Everything that you do in life need not have a meaning

Disappointment cannot function in the lap of happiness

You will always find that which you are looking for

The choice that you make when things don’t happen the way you want

The vastness of the ocean has so much to reveal

You can learn a lot from this ocean

However big you are, come into the lap of nature

Don’t wait for external encouragement

Don’t do things for the sake of doing it

Your life must not be determined by somebody

Is it necessary to be joyful all the time

Enhance the quality of your life Day 1|session 3|15 videos|

It’s always not necessary to understand everything in life

Do you really know what is it that you are looking for

Have sometime for internal affirmations that empower you

Having gratitude for what you have is extremely important

It’s time to make our life’s an invitation to the divine

Go ahead and thank your mother

Explore some wonderful and exciting places in your life.

It’s time every parent starts genuinely appreciating their children

What makes you happy need not make everybody happy

Appreciation is a deep quality

Life connects you to wonderful people only when…

When the waves convey

Walk around exploring life

Bring excitement in your work

Become a wonderful observer of life

Enhance the quality of your life Day 2|session 4|15 videos|

Become a wonderful observer of life

Beyond disappointment

Perform at your ultra levels

Listening to music energizes you

The only person who fails in life is the one who decides to quit

Your life is in your hands

What is the power of deliverance

Decision making in the moment

Every moment of your life walk with glory

What is stopping you from doing what you want to do

Celebration is an exiting possibility

The purpose of gossip

Is fun and excitement missing in your life and who’s responsible for it

Live today as if you have never loved before

What are those things which you are willing to die for

Enhance the quality of your life Day 2|session 5|15 videos

Don’t look for a girl friend

How to operate in sound and noise

Take decisions in life which will uplift you

Your excitement is determined by your thought pattern

You will feel exited when things happen the way you want, isn’t it so?

Great abilities do not come without great coaching

Keep going ahead in life

Walk along rich and serene places

Two things you can immediately do when your marriage is not working

When you don’t know exactly what to do in life

If you are running an organization, you better know the power of integrity

Do you really care for your employees

Access the mountain of possibility in you

To achieve anything just get started

Life coaching in goa by Karthik Poovanam

Enhance the quality of your life Day 2|session 6|15 videos

Certain things that matters the most and makes you take actions

In life don’t get stuck, keep moving

Prioritizing life is totally necessary if you want to be a life coach

Never postpone things that add meaning and value to your life

The attitude that defines success- do it now do it immediately

Make no excuses today

How to enjoy this moment

Don’t postpone things which can grant you access to excitement

Stop blaming others if you want your life to be a flowering possibility

When you give a commitment and you don’t fulfill them

Are you a programmed sheep

Don’t work simply because someone has asked you to do it

Have words of influence in your life

How to generate excitement in what you are doing

Life is an evolving process

Enhance the quality of your life Day 3|session 7|15 videos

Become enthusiastic and tremendously charged with positive energy

Stop complaining as soon as you wake up

Do you have a vision statement that brings excitement to you

Turbo charge your energy levels

What to do when you feel, you have messed up your life

Do you know where you stand, as far is life is concerned

Essential steps to take when you do not know where you are heading in life

You must make your life a garden of possibilities

What’s happening to you as a youth

Why do.people feel lonley and depressed sometimes

Angry people don’t do much things in life

Who created this world

WTwo things that’s absolutely necessary to define before goal setting

Give time for yourself

What can you do when you don’t like yourself

Enhance the quality of your life Day 3|session 8|15 videos

What can you do when you don’t like yourself

Why do some people loose balance under certain circumstances

Have the guts to speak the truth to yourself

How to pour incredible attraction in your work

There is only one life, why waste it by being frustrated

How you think determines your emotional content

When was the last time you sat with yourself and spent some really quality time

Knowing what you are doing is a greatest blessing

Why is there so much suffering in the world

Why you feel nobody cares about you or loves you

Don’t complain that nobody loves you

If you go to temple is it going to make your life meaningful

What should you do when you feel nobody cares for you

Don’t do business just for the sake of making money

How to know whether you are being misguided

Enhance the quality of your life Day 3|session 9|15 videos

Creating sequential thought patterns to experience enormous levels of joy

Is it necessary to spend time with yourself

Destroy the belief system that is stopping you from growth

You just need the right kind of eyes to appreciate the excitement in your life

Transform from doing to happening

There is nobody more important than yourself

Favourable results need not always be because of your talent

Is it compulsory to marry in life.

How to find enough time to do what you love

The identification of the driving factor

Why do people loose focus in your life

The ability to choose the right partner in your life

Knowing is more important than believing

The art of having a constructive talk

If you want to achieve something, you must be a doer

Profile of Karthik Poovanam

Karthik poovanam is a peak performance coach and author.

He has authored 80 E-books which brings about creating well being both at emotional and mental levels.

He is the creator of the process called SHIFT IN THE CONSCIOUS STATES OF MIND. This process has been well accepted in the top engineering colleges like





CBIT HYDERABAD and many to name. It has been attend by thousands of students.

His program called UNLEASH THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF A TEACHER has found good acceptance in the International schools.

His program called UNLEASH THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF A PROFESSOR has been appreciated in the colleges in India.

People from all walks of life have been a part of the session SHIFT IN THE CONSCIOUS STATES OF MIND that include institutional heads, organizational heads, CEO of companies, IPS officers, students, engineers, doctors and corporate employees.

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