Don’t control negative emotions

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Don’t control negative emotions

Your very idea of controlling negative emotions is an energy drain by itself. Negative emotions are not conductive for the body, mind, emotion and also energy. The existence of negative emotions happen simply because of UTPCS (unconscious thought processes communication system).

The elimination of this unconscious communication within is the solution for living a life that is free from negative emotions.

Negative emotion is a consequence of a certain situation, for example if somebody used an abusive language it has a potentiality to create a negative emotional state within you isn’t it so? Now you can alter this in a very large way if you have a communication system within that is wired in a Conscious manner.

The thought communication system within must be largely happening in a conscious manner. This will mark a remarkable possibility where you will be able to look at any situation be it abuse or anything else which has the potential scope to create negative situations within from an angle that will not alter your internal peace and have a negative influence over you.

Every moment you must realise that you are not born to live in misery. You have a great possibility to live your life in a flow where celebration is a live reality.  Be aware of this and move in a flow, in a way you will be cleansed and your interiority will be clean and vibrant.

It is very difficult for negative emotions to exist under the presence  of cleanliness  and vibrancy.

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