Companies and organisations

Companies and organisations

As human beings, we are all constantly under the influence of dialogues. We are creating a certain narrative within ourselves about our life and also about the society by the narrative we form. This narrative is purely influenced by the dialogues that we speak. 

Wether you are a CEO, founder, manager, employee with specific key tasks, Life coach, Trainer,Professor,Teacher or a student, you can bring out the best in you by internalizing these dialogues by watching them regularly on a by-weekly basis and slowly moving it to a monthly basis.

These 447 internal dialogues are grouped into 19 sets to bring out the specific desired outcomes.

  • 20 powerful internal dialogues to power boost your confidence levels
  • 30 Internal dialogues to remove fear of performance in workplace
  • 20 internal dialogues to enhance your clarity within
  • 51 internal dialogues to help you accomplish your goals
  • 21 internal dialogues to eradicate negative feelings
  • 17 internal dialogues to rejuvenate yourself
  • 22 powerful internal dialogues to enhance your concentration levels
  • 30 Internal dialogues to feel energetic
  • 25 internal dialogues to create freedom from stress
  • 21 internal dialogues to channelize your focus in a constructive way
  • 21 internal dialogues to bounce back from a fall
  • 25 Internal dialogues to open the flow of communication within
  • 19 Internal dialogues to create a shift in your behavior
  • 15 powerful internal dialogues to heal yourself when someone hurts you emotionally
  • 20 internal dialogues to establish rapport with life
  • 20 internal dialogues to awaken the quality of gratitude
  • 25 internal dialogues to awaken the quality of forgiveness
  • 20 internal dialogues to enhance the quality of appreciation
  • 25 internal dialogues to have vibrant relationships in life

All these videos are straight to the point and saves time for you.

Ask your employees or core team to watch these videos everyday.

They are anywhere between 20 seconds to 1 minute with powerful word engineering implementation

All these videos work directly on your subconscious mind as you watch them regularly

Dialogues are the most powerful means, just see we are all attracted to dialogues in the movie, aren’t we?

Now by applying the same powerful concept in the inner world, our inner world it becomes Internal dialogue.

In a movie there is an expert who writes the dialogue and then it is implemented by the actor and then he or she becomes a star.

I have made the dialogues for you and all you need to do is just watch them and internalize it and you too will become a star.

Be it sales, marketing, production, inventory, innovation, human resources, whatever department you have people functioning for your organisation or company, these videos are very useful to enhance their performance. You will be able to see their best when they watch these videos regularly.

The wise have always know, its not in the number of years you have lived, its how effectively you have lived that matters. Similarly its not about the length and the size of the video but how effective it is that matters.

Profile of the creator
Karthik Poovanam is a CEO coach and author.
He has authored over 80 books that are available in all the international portals like amazon, iTunes, kobo etc.
He has delivered sessions on SHIFT IN THE CONSCIOUS STATES OF MIND in reputed institutions like
CBIT Hyderabad and many to name. It has been attended by thousands of students.
His program called UNLEASH THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF A TEACHER has found good acceptance in the International schools.
His program called UNLEASH THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF A PROFESSOR has been appreciated in the colleges in India.
People from all walks of life have been a part of the session SHIFT IN THE CONSCIOUS STATES OF MIND that include institutional heads, organizational heads, CEO of companies, IPS officers, students, engineers, doctors and corporate employees

I wish you great success.


These are very powerful and impact creating internal dialogues that will bring out the Best in YOU