Come lets have party

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When we hear the word called party what initially comes to our mind is going to a get together, loud music etc. This party is completely of the inner world. There is no such thing as external resource for experiencing this party. All the other parties are having a parasitic influence. It cannot stand on its own. A lot of coordination and work have to come together only then will that part that most of the people know happen. This party that I am speaking belongs to a completely subtle realm.

Everything here is completely known to the knower. All confusions disappear. There will be a sudden enhancement of clarity and the world will seen absolutely fresh and wonderful. Haven’t you noticed that when ever you are in this states of freshness it’s very natural for your mind to be calm and pleasant. Today research States that when you are calm and present your mind functions at its best. The perception levels of your mind happens at its best when your mind is highly pleasant. You have to gift this party to yourself.

This party is largely possible to any human being who functions without any conflicts. The intentions are very clear, to do the best through which ones body, mind, emotions and energies experience pleasantness.

If you are one such human being who wants to have a party that’s not mortgaged anywhere and is one hundred percent happening because of you alone then start creating wonderful images about yourself and drive all your thoughts and breath in a particular part of your body.

This will grow just as tree grows when the seed gets destroyed and remains available and receptive to the water and sunlight and a great desire to rise above the ground.

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