What is meditation

IMG_0442Many people have this question, what is meditation. Some read about this in internet like you are doing now. some read in big fat books and some search in the meeting congregations of the so called experts who claim they can teach you meditaion. Meditation has become so casual today. Many people who are doing inhaling and exhaling are thinking what they are doing is mediation. In fact this is the highest form of self-deception that is happening in a huge way today. In the name of inhaling and exhaling people are claiming to be mediators and some are even teaching this. This will only create more ignorance and this will eventually lead to subtle damages, which I will share in my next post. First of all let me tell you what mediation is not about:

1: It is not inhaling and exhaling of air

2: It is not about being aware that you are inhaling and exhaling air

3: It is not about not using your mind.

Then what exactly is mediation and how can it be done. Once any person goes in search of doping mediation or learning mediation he is simply inviting the highest form of self-deceptive act. Mediation can never be done. All that you must realize is you can become meditative. Mediation is a quality that your inner displays when your body, mind, emotion and your very energies are in absolute state of pleasantness.

There is no conflict anywhere. You will never find conflict in your body, mind, emotion nor your very energies. There will be a penetrating silence that you will find in an individual who lives in a state of mediation. Joy can never be denied to such an individual. He will be an embodiment of joy by all means. No words can flatter such a being.

No words can cause disharmony to such a being. He will be one with the existence and you will see that such an individual does not know any separation with the existence.

What I am sharing with all of you is from my very personal experience and by having the opportunity and blessings to be in the company of the phenomenal beings of the Himalayas.

Deepen the seeking and the very knowing to remain the state of mediation will happen from within.


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