The art of pushing the images away

livenowMr. Karthik Poovanam you mentioned about the art of pushing the images away. Can you little elaborate on this one.

Karthik Poovanam:Why little, I will give you a complete elaboration on this one so that it can be highly useful for you. There are a lot of images within us. Any thing that you know has an image mostly. Lets say your car, or a bus, vehicles, your friends, relatives, the very books that you carry and the teachers who teach you, all of them have images and they have an impact with you. If I ask you to imagine a time in your past when you had a wonderful time you will be easily able to recollect it by closing your eyes and witnessing the images from your memory, isn’t so? When you are able to see those pleasant images you will largely be able to see within that you are also experiencing pleasantness.

Images are responsible for what you are experiencing within. Now this could either be useful to you or not useful to you based on what kind of experience the image that you have within generates. Suppose there are certain images within that are causing disharmony within and are responsible for creating unpleasant experiences within you then the art of pushing the images will be extremely helpful to you in many ways.

Some of the major areas you can apply the art of pushing the images are:

When you get distracted

Felling bad and unpleasant about something

Anything that is causing worry to you

That which is responsible for making you upset.

To reduce anger and there are many other areas that you can use this technique, you will know them when you begin to apply the technique as an when required.

Lets begin the art of pushing the images away and here we will take a situation about pushing an image that is causing you distraction.

1: Just close your eyes.

2: Observe the image that is causing you distraction

3: Seek permission within about pushing the image of distraction

4: Gather acceptance from all quarters within

5: Now slowly push the image that is causing the distraction away from you.

6: Once you have pushed the image far away from you to an extent that it is no longer in your vicinity slowly open your eyes.

You can repeat the technique for a few times till you are feeling a state that is free from the object of distraction.

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Why do I get distracted from my studies all the time


This is essentially happening to you simply because there is nothing to keep you attracted in today’s education system. Have you heard people say that I am getting distracted watching a very wonderful movie? Have u seen people say that they are getting distracted when they are having a wonderful time playing their favorite video game? You will never find the presence of distraction when you are doing what you like.

Now what in reality your big problem is why you are no liking your studies and how will the liking happen so that you do not get distracted? If you are expecting the education system to create the whole syllabus in such a way that it will be in your liking terms then it will be a never ending wait, instead what you could do is to create a list of things that you can do on an immediate basis to create a like on your subject.

The whole game is to like your subject and once you start liking your subject then functioning without distraction will be a natural consequence. Have you ever known that you have your very own liking flavor and that can only be determined by you. However having said that I can always share with you a certain process that will be helping you create a road map to help you like your subjects.

Activity zone:

First set the intention that you want to like the subject that you wish to study.

You cell phone and games shall not be of any use for now so therefore you may want to keep them aside.

Learn the art of moving the images away. You can find it in the next chapter. This will be helpful for you to move the images that are distracting you while studying.

Make a list of the things that have created interest in you in the last five months. Is there is any new thing that you have found in the last 5 months.

Now observe what you like in all of them and try to infuse the essence of the like in your subjects.









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Executive coaching Creating a master class leap for your performance.

mq2We all know that everyone of us is born unique. No two people are the same in terms of experiencing any situation the same way.

You have a very hidden inert ability to peak yourself into ultra productivity levels so that you can empower your life in great ways, in all directions. If this has to happen, you must drop the very ridiculous syndrome that is spreading in a wild manner.

It’s the comparative syndrome

If you keep comparing your self all the time or your thought is under the constant vigilance of comparison then be rest assured that you will never know the Master class leap in your performance.

Master class leap is extremely individual specific and not crowd oriented. When you truly commit yourself to your own strengths and harness and nurture them they will turn out to be magnetic and very naturally convert the weakness within you to your strengths. Executive coaching deepens the possibility to create the desired master class leap.

This is a unique possibility that is highly available within every individual when he drops comparison.

Master class leap will become a natural consequence of performing without comparison.

The author is a peak performance coach and author. His session shift in the conscious States of mind is a tremendous possibility to experiencing a living that is fillies with intensity and joy.

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Train the trainer-You don’t have to compromise your Dream



I have always loved to be at the best places and meet the best people. People around me told me that I must be in my Limits. My very own family members discouraged me from dreaming big. I was constantly reminded every day that I must complete Engg and join a job and start with a four figure salary.  Something within me never entertained these things. My dreams are mine and there will be fulfillment to what I dream. This voice was my constant companion. Needless to say about the IIT hype and all the efforts done in my home to see to it that I qualify for IIT, but as no surprise I failed the entrance. And I must tell you that the very same day I was lambasted with words that will make any person with shame go into deep suppression.

I realized that day that I become utterly shameless. The so called educated people looked totally meaningless to me and heightened sense of awakening began. Will keep the awakening experience for some other time but what really mattered all that time until now is the ability to pursue and fulfil the dream. I have shared a wall which contains my activities at the best at places with the best minds. I am soon taking it international in a huge way.

Your dreams matters to me. In fact every dream matters to me. When somebody laughs or discourages you from dreaming big just have pity for them as they have had a long lasting inner sheep mentality impact. Many people that you come across are of sheep mentality. I know I  being a bit rude but thats fine, I know if you are intelligent you want to move away from this sheep mentality.

These people can be very easily identified and display stupidity at an alarming pace, here are three qualities that you will always find in sheep mentality people:

1: Constantly have a problem with growth.
2: They don’t have the guts to dream big and they discourage others from dreaming Big
3: Their mind is stuck in the past.

Just don’t bother about these people as they don’t suite your mindset, for you have big dreams. Your dreams must always be fuelled with the right tools that will make it into reality. I have been helping people from all walks of life from years. Whether you are into business or you are a trainer or a working class person or a student, all that matters is your ability to pursue what you want with clarity and strength.  Train the trainer is a very vibrant course that is happening every where now a days. Many trainers need tools through which they can help their clients do much better. Also as individuals you can make use of these train the trainer tools to function at your best levels. I call them life skills tools.I have been sharing tools with many people like you through  digitally downloadable tools which are called life skills tools. It’s got the potential to give you what you are looking for. Take a look and make a choice. I am also personally running a discount of more than 60 percent for a very limited time.

You can have immediate access by clicking the following link

These tools that you get have immense potential, so just take the intelligent decision and make the wonderful choice.

Wishing the best decision making this is karthik Poovanam signing off.

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Train the trainer-Three things that will elevate your peak performance levels

Peak performance

Three things that will elevate your peak performance levels.

Healthy mindset
Healthy mindset is a combination of several factors that are highly recognisable  in a person. You will see that a person who has a healthy mindset will display qualities of excellence in their work. Their life will be a remarkable example of excellence and this will find reflections in their work.
The quality of knowing where to quit:
There will be a situation in everybody’s life where they will have to quit. But many hand on and destroy the possibility of personal growth. Then you will often find that there are situations that are tough and it demands continuity of work in many ways. But many quit when they actually have to work. These are like the turning bends of the road and not necessarily the end of the road. So therefore it’s extremely necessary that one finds balance within so that they will be very clearly able to know when to quit and more precisely where to quit.
The willingness to expand
Many people who are unsecured up or those who are not able to perform at their peak levels will not have the willingness to expand. Willingness to expand is a phenomenal quality that will increase the brightness of growth and expand ones personal ability of peak performance to the highest levels. This is what will make a distinct Shift in the conscious States of mind that you will find is continuously happening to every elite performer and his inner peak performance levels will be at its shining best.
Today there is a growing demand for having people who can teach these qualities and also many more areas need drastic improvement. Train the trainer programs are gaining great recognition. If you are looking to enhance your skills or you are a trainer looking to add more value to your training then you might be looking for the life skills tool kit. Heres the link
The author is a peak performance coach. His session shift in the conscious States of mind is a tremendous possibility for experiencing  a living that is filled with intensity and joy. You an know more about his work at
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Conversation series on wonderful parenting along with IG Police,law and order Andhra Pradesh Harish Kumar Gupta


Requirement of this Conversation on wonderful parenting

There are many people I have met in my life as a peak performance coach. Many of them have their established organizations, some run institutions and then there are a lot of IPS officers whom I have delivered my session to.

In everyone there is one common problem that I have noticed if they are parents and their whole problem is their children, perhaps that’s what they feel.

For some their son does not show interest in studies, in another incident there is this factor of misusing the name and financial independence provided by their parents and of course its almost a known reality to many as how many rich kids are getting addictive to smoking drinking and its such an unfortunate reality that some are also getting used to drugs.

There were many requests from a lot of affluent parents asking me to design a course so that they can handle their children effectively.

I know a businessman who has more than 1500 employees and is doing tremendously well but when it comes to managing his children he is a thorough embarrassment.

Requests kept pouring from all quarters of parenthood that they wanted to mange their children effectively. Some have read a whole range of books on parenting yet could not implement them. The problems remained and being in field of coaching I realized that this is not something to be handled objectively. It has to be handled subjective manner.

Just imagine this, as parents if you are feeling the heat of not being in a position to channel the energies of your children in the right direction how disastrous the whole journey can become.

This conversation is a requirement for all those parents who are not able to manage their children effectively.


How this conversation happened.

This conversation has essentially happened from an intention to keep it absolutely relevant and up to the point without beating around the bush. And for this I needed to converse with some parent who has a wonderful relation with their children. There was also a criteria that I had to converse with a parent who also is also in an authoritative position and managing a huge job responsibility as most of my clients are from affluent families and I needed to have a common thread here to align and integrate solutions in a desirable manner that lasts in an effective way all through.

Of the many sessions I do there is one session that I often do once in every month with school and engineering students and that’s called UNLEASH THE TRUE POTENTAIL OF A STUDENT. While I was in the process of hosting it, a gentlemen who participates in organizing sessions for me introduced me to a thorough gentlemen and a later did I realize that he was an encyclopedia of wellbeing by himself in a huge manner. He is one of those core reasons as to why this eBook stands as an offering. Many may already know him but for those who don’t know this presence let me take the honor of introducing him. He is a power store within, his eyes have a radiant effect and more so importantly he is a super cop and he is non other than the one and only Inspector General of Police Mr. Harish Kumar Gupta. Our first meeting was initially about the enrollment of his daughters into the session called UNLEASH THE TRUE POTENTAIL OF A STUDENT.

I usually ask some core questions to their parents before taking children in for this session and I followed the same protocol with Harish ji as well. But to my utter surprise the answers that I received from him truly inspired me to have a conversation with him on parenting, as the first reply he gave for my question was simply a non-happening reality in many affluent homes.

I asked him how many times does he see a situation where his daughters and closing their doors while in the house. He just looked at me a gave a wonderful smile as if it was not at all concern for him as there is no system of privacy at his house and his daughters are free to speak to him or their mother what ever they want. He said that he has from the very beginning created a system where the very need for his children to seek privacy does not occur.

I immediately understood that he was the parent I was looking for to have a conversation and sought his time. We fixed a convenient timeframe mutually and their came a whole arrange of topics, which have a great depth and solution, ingrained in it if every parent follows them.


Conversation number one – Opening the channels of communication at home.

Of the various conversations on wonderful parenting that I had with Harish ji, this will be the first I am sharing with you all. I will be sharing more insights in the days ahead.

I met Harish ji in the noon and began the conversation. Happy noon sir, how are you? I am gr8 karthik, its good to see you. It’s a through pleasure to see you Harish sir.

Karthik, I have gone through your website and am very impressed with the volume of work you have done. I am happy to see that you have been successful in implementing your sessions in the premium institutions across the country.

Thank you so much for your wonderful encouragement through these observations that you have made sir. I said with a smile that seemed absolutely driven by Harish ji’s powerful encouragement and observation. I now began the core purpose for which I was there. Just before the day we spoke Harish ji sent me a message in what’s-app about certain topics that need immediate attention. At the very outlook of the message I was able to sense the disaster that could come in the future if necessary steps are not taken in the right direction.

Sir, the very first topic you have sent me is about opening the channels of communication. I have seen many cases personally where parents are not able to convey what they want exactly to their children and this is leading to various unnecessary discussions and also situations. I use certain methodologies like dialogue exchange and role-plays to improve the communication between children and their parents. What has truly exited me n this conversation is the relationship that you hold with your children. I see the friendliness in approach and the non-mask communication happening.

Yes karthik, there is essentially no need to have any mask when there is clarity and no hidden agenda. Harish ji looked at me with a piercing smile that conveyed far deeper. Honesty surrounded the space where we were having the conversation and I was able to feel it. The feeling was amazing and that’s the reason I am mentioning it here. Moving a little forward he said, there are many parents who are not able to communicate what they want with their children and yes some of the methods that you mention might work but what’s more important is to open the channels of communication. This can only happen when the parents operate with clarity. Today in most of the upper middle class families and affluent high class families you might have seen that the mother is in one room, the father is in another room and the child is in another room and the biggest tragedy is some times or many at times all the rooms are closed.

Yes, that’s quite true I exclaimed within myself.

When you close the doors and you do your own activity there will be a great disconnect in the communication and when the communication gets effected it will turn out to be a great burden for the family. As parents one must always express their love and not through the weight of money and bribe the child for doing what he or she is supposed to do. Today there is a great mask in every action that most of the parents are doing. I am able to see the expectation levels are also going drastically up and this in turn is also effecting the communication with the home. Once the child comes back from school, the parents must enquire how was the day. This is something that I do. I always tell me children to feel free about what they want to convey with me. I will be a guide to them rather than an instructor. This gives them the freedom to communicate with me freely and there is a lot of scope for resistant free communication.

I looked at Harish ji and told him, that’s so wonderful of you, I have always know that resistant free communication is an essential factor for developing trust and trust certainly plays a phenomenal role in establishing the environment where the communication channels arte opened up naturally.

I completely agree with you karthik and this is what I have been living.

I looked at Harish ji leaned a little forward and said, I have always known that growth never happens in isolation and its time that people at home open the channels of communication and live a life of clarity. So my take on this is, essentially some of the ways to attain the phenomenal possibility of opening the channels of communication will be:

1: Having an open door possibility rather than closed door suppression.

2: Having dialogue with clarity

3: Developing trust with their children so that they can speak their problems with them

4: Interacting with love

5: Spending quality time with their children

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