Become an effective entrepreneur

Become an effective entrepreneur

Self development is a very powerful approach towards becoming effective as an entrepreneur. Karthik poovanam shares his wealth of information to you in this monthly coaching in the form 15 sessions every month.

These sessions are delivered directly to your whatsapp.

The topics will be on various Factors that determine how you feel, what shapes your confidence, how to power boost your confidence, Eliminating unwanted behaviour, creating an motivational pattern,how the remove negative feelings, how to have a very engaging team building done etc.

You will get 15 audio sessions in your whatsapp number in a month.

IT will be a 12 to 20 mts if audio session that will be experiential and process oriented in nature.

You are advised to listen to the powerful and effective audio sessions connecting your phone to the headsets and in a calm place for maximum benefits.

You can start this 12 months coaching engament by making a monthly payment of 10 k INR.

Click on the link below and make the payment and your journey to become an effective entrepreneur begins.



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