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I have trained quite a few IPS officers and met many top IPS officers as well. Personally I have immense respect for all the IPS officers. However there are certain  people who tend to leave a deep impact on you with their words and charisma.

The list of the top IPS officers whom i know and share a good rapport. The list is a little big but let me share a few names who really touched my being and i resonated with them in perfect harmony. The last series of conversions i had was with Mr.Harish Kumar Gupta, IG Law and order Andhra Pradesh. You can get the complete details in this link here

Now the person whom i am going to introduce to you is very cool looking and a man who commands dignity at a very deep level. He is non other than Mr. Anjanai Kumar, Addl commisoner, law and order, Hyderabad. I had a very wonderful conversation with him on the factors that help an individual person to become successful. There are a some very intresting points that he shared among  which you all might be familiar with a few but then there are some very interesting things which he shared that immediately connected me and my attention was at its highest levels when i was hearing them. I also observed that I resonated totally and completely with what he said.

Anjani Kumar sir told that there are a few occasions when you know that you are being helped but do not know why and how. Now when ge conveyed this point it was have a reassuring voice of hope and good things.

I understood immediately that the core mode of functioning must be in a highly receptive way. When you are receptive then the possibility of you receiving what you need at the appropriate time is never going to be an issuse at all. There are many ways to remain receptive, however ones internal stability and a clam and balanced approach are very necessary.

Another thing is very important to many people and this came when i asked him, now you are the commisoner of Hyd law and order. This is a very powerful position. To reach this success what is the percentage of grace according to you. To this question he replied in a very connecting way..

Karthik, if you look at the very nature of things,  there are somethings that we know and then there are so many things that we do not know. Now, science and technology is growing at a very fast pace and many things that we do not know are now comming to out visibility and awareness. There are qualified people and large universities doing research in the direction of bringing the unknown to the known. Doing what needs to be done with absolute levels of sincerity and then having the right grace will be one way to accomplish many things.

Abolsutely true i exclaimed. When people who perform and have accomplished certain very notable accomplishments speak it certainly functions in a specific ways. What i loved tremendously in the whole conversation is the beauty and clarity of words that made a very deep and connecting impact.

A through gentlemen, a super hamdsome cop and a man of immense substance and thats Mr. Anjanai kumar, commissioner law and order Hyderabad city.